Friday, December 10, 2010


Hello Lovelies,

Gosh I feel like I've been gone for such a long time =) I thought I would have more free time but in reality I have been super busy! I graduate in 4 days and my schedule has been pretty hectic. I can't believe how close I am, I cant wait!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the month so far. I love December but traffic seems to get bad lol.

Here are a few outfits that I wore during the past weeks. I will also log on to twitter and follow those of you who responded to my post ;)

I am at 55 followers!! Thank you all so much. It doesn't compare to a lot of the blogs I read but that is a lot for me. I will be doing a give away for X-mas to show love for the support, so stay tuned! Unfortunately it won't be international..


My baby cousin Litzy

Shirt: Romeo & Juliet Couture, jeans: Elle, Shoes: Steve Madden, clutch and earrings:Forever 21

Plum & Gold

BCBG cardigan, mossimo jeggings and shirt, coach boots

I LOVE my baby brother!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I am now on Twitter!!

 Send me your twitter name so I can follow you guys !!

my name is:



Hiking at Mt Tamalpais, San Francisco

The weather was crazy!! It was rainy and windy but we completed the 9 mile hike. I felt so accomplished after this crazy journey. I love San Francisco and I plan to do the hike again during the spring or summer time.
 Have any of you been hiking lately?


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Favorites

This has become my favorite concealer and eye brightener. You can actually purchase them separate but I wanted to try out both. This way I didn't have to buy both and be stuck with them if I didn't approve. The concealer goes on smoothly and offers great coverage. You can use your finger but I prefer to use a concealer brush.

This lotion does wonders for me. It is not specifically for dry skin but it leaves my feet and hands very smooth. I tend to have a problem with dry hands and feet during the winter =(

I absolutely love the Thermasilk protective spray. It leaves my hair so smooth. The thing I don't like about it is that if I apply too much my hair can look a bit oily. I have been using it before blow drying my hair. All I have to do is spray a few sprays to my tips.

The Almay liquid eyeliner is one of my favorites. No flaking, cracking, or smudging. Unless you rub your eyes accidentally, which is something I do once in a while LOL.

I decided to dye my hair at home. The color coverage L’Oreal provides is great but the consistency of the hair dye was too runny. I made a total mess in my bathroom. One tip I can give is to use Vaseline around the hairline in your face. This prevents any dye from staining your face. Another tip is to make sure you have towels or wipes just in case you splatter some dye on your walls or mirrors.

I waited until the end of November to share these with you because I have been trying these out for a few days.

Until next time =)

December 1st is around the corner!!! OMG the countdown will begin: 25 days until X-MAS


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yes I made a Forever 21 haul too!!

Hello lovelies =)
It is back to school for me tomorrow. I had a relaxing weekend and mostly stayed indoors because it was raining like crazy!!
I want to thank all of you so much for subscribing to my blog =D
My husband thinks I’m getting obsessed with it. LOL
In all reality I need to read other things besides my nursing books.
I hope all of you are ready for a new week.
I uploaded a new video. It’s just me babbling on about my mini forever 21 haul. I was nervous in the beginning can you tell?!

These are some of the pieces I got. Have any of you been to forever 21 recently?

Are you guys planning to shop on black Friday? I got this flyer from the store?

These are some great deals =)